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Hey there to who's reading this, first of all I wanted to thank you for having time to read this and secondly I just launch my own Channel (YAY!) 

I wanted To ask if it's alright for you guys show support to the channel as it's new and fresh from the oven. 

I'd be blessed if support is shown to the new channel

also I'm part of another channel with my friends from secondary and we jus do let's play and stuff like tournaments. Our aims to make people laugh if not then smile :P. Check it out we recently released a chrisas special and it's FUNNY as hell. Guarantee you guys will smile 


Thanks you is you made it this far. For me it means allot ;)

Many more

2014-12-13 04:43:09 by JayCarSpray

Guys I hav 3 instrumentals coming out soon 

all may drop on one day 


2014-12-11 17:05:55 by JayCarSpray

Hello guys 

if u guys want me to make TB2 the full instrumental jus let me know and I'll see wat I can do 

Forgot to mention going to upload 1 more :P. im glad im back 

I have a song ready and it's coming real soon